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The Nevada System of Higher Education has been run into the ground and mismanaged to the point of being rendered almost useless to anyone seeking a degree. Not only are the classes all totally full, but the universities and community colleges can't maintain an adequate amount of professors to meet the demands of those seeking specific classes.

I have been trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to enroll in a calculus class since the fall semester of 2009. Unfortunately, in order to take higher level physics and chemistry classes, a math requirement must first be met. It is unfortunate, to say the least, that I have encountered such shortcomings on the part of the administration. My transcripts have been lost twice and there are literally no calculus classes at UNLV or CSN that aren't totally full with waiting lists 30 students long.

I am a transfer student from a private university in California and it was almost impossible just to be allowed the opportunity, although none have arisen, to enroll in calculus to begin with. It was almost inconceivable that my previous university offered a "condensed" precalculus course, lasting only one semester, since precalculus is offered as a two semester course in Nevada.

After finally speaking with a professor, instead of the overwhelmed front desk clerks, he agreed that I probably knew enough about precalculus and trigonometry to enroll in calculus. I almost had to laugh; of course I knew precalculus and trigonometry. Copies of my transcript showing the completion of not only precalculus, but general chemistry, organic chemistry, engineering physics, and their respective laboratory classes have been sent and resent to each institution. Well, that was half of the battle.

So now I have made a fun little game out of going online, with unabashed hope, to enter the call numbers of calculus classes just to be given the red sentence of death, "This class is FULL". It holds a scary sort of finality, doesn't it?

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