CSN STORES - Alied interstate collections

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These idiots refuse to stop calling me at all hours ten times a day. I have had my number for seven years and I am not the person they are looking for and do not know the Perry Martin they want.

They demand credit card info and his info as well. I tell them I don't know him and if it is over seven years they can't collect and if I actually new them I will not help them and they need to send them proof that it is a valid debt to the adress on file or they are a fraud. They say they can't do that and they can't talk to me since its not me. They refuse to stop calling me but get pissed when I refuse to give them my information and give them there own tactics as well as repeated calls to them to mess with them.

They are all foriegn nationals at their call center in the land of terrorists so I tell them they need to get Americans to call Americans since nobody wants to be dealing with terrorists. Or give up info to them. I also tell them that I will press charges and be just a nasty as they are and its not my fault they bought a bad debt and bad info.

But they need to get off my back because they can't do a thing to me and to me I could care less about their loss of money or life when they are killing American kids with ieds and other weapons. Without having American staff and people that can speak English they can stick an ied and their debt where the sun don't shine because I am a patriot and not a traitor so they can go and f off.

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Monetary Loss: $500.



I spent almost $4000 to CSN store for my purchase and paid extra for inside the apartment delivery. They promised me (Mike Brady) that I would receive everything in two weeks with white glove service.

Two mattresses and covers with huge box came by UPS and dropped in lobby and I had to carry them on 7th floor, even though I paid $199 for service. I took time off from my work to be home for estimated delivery, but nobody even called and when I called CSN store customer service and talked to Gennerri Croskett for 35 minutes from my cell phone her answer was that I would receive my furniture in couple of days, I asked her to clarify what she meant by couple of days but she couldn’t and she took extra 10 minutes to look up her managers phone number. So, please, please people who don’t have experience with them don’t trust them.

They are nice when you are placing an order and they promise you lot but trust me they don’t keep their promise. I don’t know how BBB gave them A+ when on BBB site Total 33 Customer Reviews 25 was Negative Experience.

CSN STORES - Deceptive return policy

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CSN describes a "no problem" return policy. They actually charge almost half the price of each item you are returning as a shipping and handling charge even if all the items were shipped together in one box.

I have purchased from numerous online retailers and they all accept returns with a minor restocking fee.

CSN has numerous complaints published regarding this exact situation.

The fees are charged whether you accept store credit or ask for a refund so either way, you pay for the item so they can resell it at full price. They make me ashamed to be from Massachusetts.

Review about: Easy Gardner Weedblocking Mulch Paper.



CSN does not honor their stated return policy on rugs. You will pay dearly if you need to return something.

If i wanted to shop at CSN stores i would go their

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I go on line to shop at walmart all i get is things from csn stores If i wanted somrthing from them i would go on their site I used to get things from you in a few days now it takes for ever and you have to return most things two or three times their shipping is so bad if they even get it right the first time i use to love to shop at your store but i have been trying others and they are doing a lot better than your service so i think i will be shopping their on line


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BEWARE BEFORE ORDERING WITH CSN…. I had read reviews myself but still placed an order for a JoJo Toddler Bedding set (All Star Sports). CSN's website said the 5 piece "set" would contain: lightweight comforter, standard pillow sham, standard pillowcase, fitted sheet, and flat sheet. In addition, I ordered a dust ruffle to complete the bedding set. However, when I received the set, a dust ruffle had been "˜substituted' for the "˜pillow sham' (so now I had 2 dust ruffles and no pillow sham). After a week's worth of emails to CSN, they finally agreed to send me a pillow sham "˜free of charge' since their website listed the information incorrectly. HOWEVER, it took several more days for CSN to agree to allow me to return the dust ruffle that I had ordered (since I now had 2). After several heated emails, they agreed that I could return the 2nd dust ruffle.

Another note… upon further inspection, I noticed the stitching on the comforter was not complete. There is decorative stitching / quilting on the front and back of the comforter. There are several large areas that were not finished. This is not a big deal for me since I can sew and will fix this on my own…. which will be MUCH easier than trying to return the item to CSN. I wonder if this set was really a "˜seconds' that CSN is trying to pass off as a good quality product??!?

Note: I tried to post this review on CSN's website 2x's... they never posted it.

Review about: Csn Jojo Toddler Bedding.

Would not recommend CSN Stores

Boulder, Colorado 0 comments

I would not recommend Bedroomfurniture.com/CSN Stores because the shipping takes longer than promised and their customer service department is far from proactive. I had been trying to find a white dresser for our master bedroom but couldn't find anything I liked locally.

In November 2010, I decided to order an American Drew dresser from Bedroomfurniture.com. The price seemed reasonable and I loved that shipping and White Glove delivery was free. The dresser was in stock and the website indicated delivery in 4 weeks. After 5 weeks had passed and I hadn't yet been contacted to schedule delivery, I called CSN Stores.

The representative told me that I should receive a call in 24-48 hours. Two days passed with no call. I called CSN Stores again. That rep told me I should hear from the delivery team the next day.

I allowed 2 more days to pass with no call. I called CSN a third time (6 weeks after ordering). That rep was very helpful and actually put me on hold to check on the status. He learned that the dresser had been badly damaged during shipping and it could not be delivered.

He offered either a full refund, or to send out a 2nd dresser. He indicated that the dresser was in stock and quoted me 4 weeks for delivery. Although I was frustrated after waiting 6 weeks already, I requested another dresser be sent. I waited patiently for 3 weeks then noticed on the tracking screen that the dresser had been sitting in an Indiana warehouse for a week (the dresser was shipped from the east coast).

I called CSN 2 more times to understand why it was just sitting there. I was told both times that they were waiting for a truck that could bring it to Colorado. I was pretty upset at this point (we had given our old dresser to a relative, so my husband and I were keeping our clothes in trash bags), so the rep offered to credit my card $100 for the trouble. On February 11, 2011 I finally received the 2nd dresser after waiting 5 weeks (11 weeks total since my original order).

It is a beautiful dresser, but during "White Glove" delivery into my home, some of the paint got scuffed, so I placed my 6th call to the company to request touch-up paint (BTW, the paint they sent out is not a perfect match). I figure I've spent about 1 ½ hours in total time either waiting on hold or talking to customer service. In comparison, I ordered a bed from Pottery Barn recently, and the bed was delivered and set up in my home 2 weeks later without a problem. Yes, I PAID for shipping with Pottery Barn, but it was worth it!

It appears CSN Stores has a very inefficient shipping process. I will add that, while their customer service is far from perfect, a couple reps went out of their way to address my concerns.

But I shouldn't have needed to keep calling to see where my $900 dresser was! At no time in 12 weeks did anyone at CSN Stores call or email me with updates on my order.

CSN STORES - Nevada System of Higher Education - Insulting Our Intelligence

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The Nevada System of Higher Education has been run into the ground and mismanaged to the point of being rendered almost useless to anyone seeking a degree. Not only are the classes all totally full, but the universities and community colleges can't maintain an adequate amount of professors to meet the demands of those seeking specific classes.

I have been trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to enroll in a calculus class since the fall semester of 2009. Unfortunately, in order to take higher level physics and chemistry classes, a math requirement must first be met. It is unfortunate, to say the least, that I have encountered such shortcomings on the part of the administration. My transcripts have been lost twice and there are literally no calculus classes at UNLV or CSN that aren't totally full with waiting lists 30 students long.

I am a transfer student from a private university in California and it was almost impossible just to be allowed the opportunity, although none have arisen, to enroll in calculus to begin with. It was almost inconceivable that my previous university offered a "condensed" precalculus course, lasting only one semester, since precalculus is offered as a two semester course in Nevada.

After finally speaking with a professor, instead of the overwhelmed front desk clerks, he agreed that I probably knew enough about precalculus and trigonometry to enroll in calculus. I almost had to laugh; of course I knew precalculus and trigonometry. Copies of my transcript showing the completion of not only precalculus, but general chemistry, organic chemistry, engineering physics, and their respective laboratory classes have been sent and resent to each institution. Well, that was half of the battle.

So now I have made a fun little game out of going online, with unabashed hope, to enter the call numbers of calculus classes just to be given the red sentence of death, "This class is FULL". It holds a scary sort of finality, doesn't it?

Review about: Math Classes.


Vancouver, British Columbia 10 comments

Do not buy from CSN STORES! They have lots of websites under the same umbrella...products come damaged and they charge you restocking fee and shipping if you don't want replacements.

Therefore, i told them to send me another one and it took them another 2 weeks to ship it out.

I waited and the 2nd one came damaged again as well....again told them just give me my money back and they said they will send me another one...i told them i will file a chargeback with my credit card company and they refunded me. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CSN STOERS

Review about: Modus.

Monetary Loss: $599.



I ordered from CSN as well and had no problems and found their prices better than other online stores. I dont know what these people are talking about.


I've ordered many things on CSN and have never had any issues with them. Everything ships ahead of schedule and even though one of my lamp fixtures had broken glass I got a replacement immediately. I know everybody has issues with all sorts of websites, but I personally have never had any issues with CSN yet!


I ordered Le Creuset - Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set in March 2011. Now it is June and the order has been delayed again for the 5th time until end of July.

I had to cancel the order. Now my account shows an outstanding amount!

Nobody is able to help. The worst customer service I ever experienced.


They sent me the wrong sheet set, then refused to send me the correct one. Kept pushing for refund (which would no doubt have a restocking fee deducted from it.

Finally, they admitted that they didn't have any of my item in stock and offered me 15% off on a changing table.

What the *** do I want with a changing table? :(


We bought a computer cart from them that smelled horrible, like dried hay soaked in turpentine. Attempts to contact CSN concerning this fell upon deaf ears.

The smell was so bad that it was making the whole family sick. We had no choice but to throw it out and lose our money.


CSN Stores sells literally millions of products from thousands of manufacturers. To have proper inventory for every single item is totally impossible.

Even businesses such as Amazon acknowledge this. To call this company a "fraud" because your item was discontinued and/or out of stock is simply ridiculous. It's not like you paid money and didn't get it back.

In terms of refund, getting money back for a return will ALWAYS take until your next credit card statement.

This is common practice.

I've also spoken with CSN Stores' customer service, and have found them to be extremely congenial and competent.

To those on this thread bad-mouthing them, it seems as though you're the ones that are ignorant and should really read up on standard return/refund policies before you buy something online.


I bought an umbrella from CNS stores that arrived quickly and looked wonderful. We had a super windy day and it fell over and one of the spines broke.

I called CNS and despite the fact that breakage due to wind wasn't covered in the warranty, they sent me another spine to replace it. I was pretty pleased with that!


January of 2010, I found an item of interest on Luggage.com - also known as CSN stores (it was some Tignanello luggage that came out two years ago). I have a matching bag and was interestd in having the luggage - so I placed the order, promptly paid and anxiously awaited the arrival of my shipment.

After they debited by account (and waited a week to notify me) - they sent me an e-mail indicating that the manufacturer no longer produced said item. I called them by phone, asked for a refund, and advised that they take the info off of their website if it really wasn't available.

Fast forward to one month ago early-March, I noticed that same item that I was interesed in (Tignanello luggage) was listed on E-bay. I "watched" the time for two weeks, noticed it never sold and was immediatley relisted, so I was certain it must be available.

I chose the "buy now" option, immediately paid for the item through paypall (per their site recommendation) - and again awaited confirmation of the shipment of my item. The shipment never came, nor did my refund - but I again received the standard e-mail from CSN Stores (aka Luggage.com) indicating that "the manufacturer no longer produces this item." I couldn't get on that phone fast enough to ask them why they were falsely advertising - and asked when they would be refunding my money. I've spoken with 5 different representatives in as many days, and keep getting excuses but no refund! They won't even put me through to a manager!

That's fraud and I am so ticked off!

I'm going to contact the BBB - and I want to warn everyone about CSN stores - Luggage.com...BUYERS BEWARE! POOR SERVICE, AND FRAUD!


It sounds like they refunded you, so what's the problem? I have had many good experiences with CSN Stores.


I've actually had pretty good experiences with CSN.

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